Mount Tampie

Distance: 35.7km TRL GPX
Physical: Technical: Fun:

This route takes in some of the nicest bits of Glen Tanar and the Fungle Road. The route is based on one found on the Ecurie Neep website. To start with, there is a little bit of road riding from Aboyne to the Glen Tanar estate - nothing too strenuous.

Once in the Glen Tanar estate, the climbs quickly start to ramp up. First up is Craigmahandle (574m) and Hill of St Colm (700m) followed by the climb to Mount Tampie (723m). Keep an eye on the weather at this point as it can change very quickly on the top of the hills. From the top of Tampie you are faced with a fun (if a bit smooth) descent down to the Fungle Road.

When you reach the Fungle Road you can enjoy several kilometres of fun singletrack - lots of roots and stream crossings to keep you awake. After tackling the Fungle you arrive back at the Glen Tanar road and a short spin back to Aboyne.

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