Mountain Biking Tracklogs

I decided to start a collection of my GPS tracklogs.  I always record a tracklog when I'm riding; there are loads of cool tricks you can do when you have a constant record of your ride:
  • Keep track of distances, speeds and times.
  • Waypoint interesting looking trails for riding at a later date.
  • Georeference your digital photographs.
  • Download your ride to a computer mapping program to find alternative ways of linking up your favourite bits of trail.
  • Mess around with Geocaching, Trigpointing or Geographing.
  • ... oh they're pretty handy for navigation as well.
I use a Garmin eTrex GPS to record logs and to navigate whilst riding in unknown areas.  On the computer side of things I use the Tracklogs digital mapping software which has rasterised versions of the Ordnance Survey maps for the UK.

All the logs on my site are supplied in two formats, the original Tracklogs .trl file and a .gpx (GPS eXchange format) file.  If you have the choice, use the Tracklogs files as it will preserve all the extra detail that I add.  If you need to import the log into non-Tracklogs compatible piece of software, use the GPX file.

All the routes have ratings (1-3 stars) for physical and technical difficulty and fun.  These are purely subjective and are based on my own riding preferences (i.e. slightly unfit, average skill) so take this into account when looking at the routes.

At this point, there is usually a disclaimer to say it's not my fault if you get lost or cycle over a cliff - use your own judgement and always have a plan B.

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